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How we choose a Dentist in Norwich from a website

How we make a decision about a Dental Practice from their website

Landing on a website we make decisions about the dentist quickly. In this example, we look at Riverside Dental, a Norwich Dentist, we see how they are doing a great job of articulating their services such as teeth whitening, dental plans, invisalign and dental bridges.


SO, what is this Norwich Dentist doing well?

They are active on social media, posting weekly, keeping their social algorithms up on Google, but more importantly, social media is the next place someone will look to check out your business and if they can see you making effort, then they see your business is worth considering. Riverside Dental have Google reviews, patients have left glowing reviews for this dentist - Not all are fantastic, but those that have been left negatively have also had a response, which shows the professionalism of the owner.


How is the dental practice establishing trust?

The practice is one of few that is renowned for its Teeth whitening and they promote this through Bim the Practice MD, he has been a member of the RDC and runs courses at the Royal College London. This is all underpinned with clear precise page layout and information.

How is the website guiding the prospective patient?

The navigation on the website is clear the key messages are provided in the top banner. Next to this is a good body of text which helps with Google understanding the quality of the content and the purpose of the website and it's value to the online environment.


What can other dentists learn from Riverside Dental?

They can see that establishing a point of difference, authority and trust help break down the walls a prospective patient may have before they reach out to contact the dentist.