How to improve customer service with custom eLearning development


In this article, we briefly explain how eLearning solutions can support improvements in customer service. While you might think this is not a marketing-related topic, the value lies firmly in the conversion of enquires, how they are handled and how eLearning can help educate teams, and improve knowledge, and situational awareness.  How can you improve…

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Why is Event Marketing Important?


Before we look at why event marketing is important, we must understand what event marketing is! It is an article that investigates the benefits of event marketing and why it’s important. Like many things in recent years, what was traditionally one thing has now adapted with a pivot and event marketing is no different. What…

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How technology advances help change marketing

HOW WILL NEW TECHNOLOGY CHANGE MARKETING PRACTICES? New technology is changing the ways we do business and the results of this can be seen in emerging industries like the online casino market where BitCoin has taken hold and with it a gold rush! Some have made it big some have lost it all – Articles…

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How social media is causing habitual changes to website users

How social media is causing habitual changes to website users and what this means for web designers and marketing managers! We all know how powerful social media is and how it is engaging more people than ever. It is important to understand how its influence is changing global habits for website use and surfing. Google…

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