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We work with a variety of niche businesses and therefore we can help you dominate your niche. Creative design is just the first step, understanding a clients needs and the ideal customer profile is pivotal. Our experience in niches like: Dental, Landscaping, Agriculture, Healthcare and even SEO means that we are a great partner business.

Let our team help you get to grips with the most effect ways to design your new website, from function to customer experience. Google is not the same animal it was even 6 months ago, but we can help you navigate this fluid search engine landscape.

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Website Design FAQs

Here are some really great frequently asked questions about web design, they might help answer some of your own questions.

This is a difficult question to answer, we use WordPress 90% of the time for our websites, but we also use Concrete5 and this website is using HTML5, which is a flat coded site. The purpose industry and budget will determine the best solution for you. Our websites range from £350 to £2,500, with an average site being around £495.00.

WordPress is great to update and regularly post blog content on. Concrete5 is robust for SEO, HTML5 is popular because it is low maintenance and also great for ranking locally.

Blue is a strong trust colour, it is a great base colour for a website and a niche that requires trust. Orange is an emotive action colour and works well for calls to action. Red has a surprising following as it increases blood pressure and a works well for getting visitors to commit an action.

Using social media to promote yourself is a good way to create brand awareness. However you cannot beat SEO for getting traffic to your website, but SEO is a long game, so if you need instant traffic then this is best achieved via Pay Per Click (PPC) this is costly but you buy customers and if done well the higher you spend the more customers you will get. If you can work out the ROI or cost per customer/conversion (CPC) then you can just keep buying more business, it often works well to get you started and then the SEO will bolster the long term plans.

Why Marketing Norwich?

We are designed to support small and medium sized business that would like a marketing professional but might not have the budget to employ someone for the role. We can provide Ad hoc support but prefer to engage online support services to build our relationship and value to your business. SEE TESTIMONIALS

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