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Online Marketing from an agency, based in Norwich. We can help you achieve your digital marketing goals to outperform the competition.

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Let Simon & the team help you get to grips with the most effective ways to Market your company online in 2020. Google is not the same animal it was even 6 months ago and with the global changes, we are witnessing this year, getting your voice and positioning right is now more critical than ever.

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What are marketing services?

Marketing services are any specific marketing solutions that will help your business to promote its services online and offline. Marketing services relate to any potential customer contact points, print, web, social and comms.

How effective is digital marketing?

Very, if done correctly. PPC can target your audience with precision finding your customers by location and it can hone the terms to closely align with buying signals. Social media can target your perfect demographic and geo with job type and married or single. The world is your oyster in 2020.


What are the best marketing types for my business?

Every business is different and therefore it is impossible to suggest recommendations without investigating and understanding your company.

Overall for many businesses SEO is perhaps one of the best long-term plans. Other online activities include PPC (Pay Per Click) for immediate results and Social Media Marketing for building your audience.

Of course for some, affiliate marketing and promotion via other websites can also work well, there is not shore fire solution as every business is different and as such the way we approach your marketing will differ. The most important thing is getting to know your ideal customer type and what these people are looking for from your company, how they search, what they do and their income levels, association to social media and ways we can engage them.