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How Technology Advances Help Change Marketing

How will new technology change marketing practices?

New technology is changing the ways we do business and the results of this can be seen in emerging industries like the online casino market where BitCoin has taken hold and with it a gold rush! Some have made it big some have lost it all - Articles like this one on Business Matters explain how businesses such as online casinos will accept cryptocurrencies from players and the benefits to them using this new technology.

QR Codes on mobile phones

Not very long ago QR codes were new and only high-end phones ran this technology, now nearly every phone made comes with QR readers as standard. This fantastic technology allows marketing agencies like ours to create dynamic posters, calls to action and links to feature rich content.


Modern Business Directories

Although traditional in their proposition, modern business listing websites like have been created to quickly focus traffic and filter it for high-yield quality customers. Sometimes keeping the number of advertisers down does two things; one it keeps the visitor engaged and not over faced and two, it increases the chances of the advertisers actually receiving a phone call from their advert or even traffic from the website.


Other Technology set to follow suit

With the evolution of technology and the demands that this promotes comes a race to provide, faster, more reliable solutions. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two emerging technologies which will soon be easier to access and cheaper thanks to the increased demand. VR companies are providing more accessible brandable options that drive users to want the tech and the competition drives down the price. AR and VR are certain buzzwords on the events marketing space.

Mobile phones

Perhaps the most obvious thing to discuss is phones, from Brick's to miniatures and then back to slim-line surfboards! Phones reduced in size at a phenomenal rate in the early 2000s and then as technology allowed internet access and browsing speeds to improve, laptops took a dive and phones started to get larger again to compensate for the users' desire to browse and shop online.