How to improve customer service with custom eLearning development

In this article, we briefly explain how eLearning solutions can support improvements in customer service. While you might think this is not a marketing-related topic, the value lies firmly in the conversion of enquires, how they are handled and how eLearning can help educate teams, and improve knowledge, and situational awareness. 

How can you improve custom service with eLearning?

If we take companies like Aviva or Legal and General, customer service is a significant portion of their business profile and as such these multi-billion pound companies require robust processes. With legal markets, legislation and laws changing, companies as large as Aviva will need clear comms on this and these types of businesses use internal comms and eLearning to deliver crucial change.

eLearning is particularly valuable in customer services

It is valuable because often customer situations can affect the way that an issue is resolved, therefore using an engaging platform that can track responses can also help ensure compliance targets are met.

It is helpful for CS Teams: 

  • Track engagement
  • Track completions
  • Report analytics
  • Apply logic to questions
  • Increase difficulty based on answers
  • Give scenarios to answer
  • Allow feedback
  • Allow comments
  • Track consent
  • Update and reissue if thing change.

How can custom eLearning help customer services?

Many of the key reasons are listed earlier in this article. But it is also true that custom eLearning is helpful to customer services as often this type of operation has very complex scenarios which are unique to each organisation. Alan Boswells will approach their customer services in a different way to Aviva and their own policies will inform this.

Policies unique to a business mean that to really fulfil the eLearning solution must be adapted and customised to suit the business and its environment, Alan Boswells may focus on Landlord insurance over regular homeowner insurance, for example, so the eLearning solution would need to account for this.

Brand or product category changes, delivered by custom eLearning

It is common for global changes to be communicated business-wide, and eLearning can aid this. For a customer service agent to answer product category questions correctly, they need to be aware of the change and the right ways to communicate this to customers, alongside the business's online marketing.

Confidence in customer service improves conversion

When a business change happens customer services are the front-of-house communications tool, so it is essential to ensure that the confidence in change is high and that completing interesting, engaging content from custom eLearning companies means that content is unique and focused.